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Dairy Free Pumpkin Soup with Coconut Milk

Dairy Free Pumpkin Soup Recipe

What you will need:

1 small pumpkin (2 pounds)
1 small red onion or shallot
1 can (12-15oz) coconut milk
1 cup broth (chicken or vegetable)
Salt and pepper to taste


Cut the pumpkin in half and remove the seeds. Place the cut side of the pumpkin down on a cookie sheet or a roasting pan. Slice your onion in half and place the cut side down on same cookie sheet or roasting pan. Roast at 375⁰F for 45 minutes or until fork tender (meaning you can pierce the pumpkin and onion easily with a fork).

Let your pumpkin and onion cool. Once cooled, scrape out the pumpkin from its shell and place with the onion into a blender or pot with a hand blender. Add the can of coconut milk and 1 cup of broth to your pumpkin and onion in the blender. Season with salt and pepper. Blend until smooth. Sprinkle with nutmeg (yay fall!) and serve hot.

Chef’s Note: 

Don’t forget to save the pumpkin seeds! Remove the stringy pumpkin, wash the seeds and toss them with olive oil and salt. Lay the seeds flat on a baking sheet and roast until they start to turn golden brown. This should take between 10-20 minutes. Stir occasionally.


Dairy Free Pumpkin Soup


Fall is in full swing as the weather in Florida lands at a cool sub 90 degree range. Like they say, we live where other people vacation right? 

When life gets busy, we love simplicity. That is what this recipe offers as we look to free up our time to take care of the kids, recharge from the work week, and continue to maintain our social connections. After a day of visiting your local pumpkin patch with your family, bring your perfect find home and get ready to ring in the Fall time with something other than a pumpkin-flavored latte from your favorite bespoke coffee shop. The flavors created from the mix of your broth of choice and the coconut milk is the key to your flavors being out of this world. 

Need help finding a pumpkin patch in Central Florida? Check out: 

Long and Scott Farms

Southern Hill Farms 

Wildflower Farm

Cowart Ranch and Farms

Painted Oaks Academy

Ever After Farms

Harvest Fields Corn Maze and Hay Rides

Hagerty Farms Pumpkin Patch

Santa’s Christmas Tree Forest

Mick Farms Market

Club Lake


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