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Meet Enas

Meet Enas

A year ago, Enas was at her wits end. Her husband's business closed permanently. They were stuck at home with three kids in the middle of a pandemic. Their extended family lived 6,000 miles away. They were homesick for Egypt, the close-knit community they had there, and the food.

Enas started cooking recipes she learned as a young girl. They brought her comfort and a connection to her family and culture. A friend she knew from the local mosque noticed her interest and passion for cooking and recommended Second Harvest's Culinary Training Program.

"From the first day I walked in, I felt like I had an angel around me," Enas recalled. "I feel like I have a big family again."

The free, 16-week Culinary Training Program taught Enas the basics of food safety and knife skills. She also learned time management, teamwork and communications skills. Most importantly, she built her confidence.

"I believe food brings people together. I love to cook with my heart and soul."

After completing the program and an apprenticeship, Enas opened Nosa's Bakery. Her small business creates stunning cakes, delicious pastries and other baked goods.

"I've found myself again, thanks to you."

Enas recently shared her story with WMFE. Listen as she shares her love for food and family.
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