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Dave Krepcho from Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

2021 Our Year in Review

Pandemic fatigue aside, 2021 was a year of change and growth for Second Harvest Food Bank's A Spoon Full of Hope product line.

The year of the cookie

cranberry pistachio shortbread cookie
In October, A Spoon Full of Hope launched three new flavors to our line of shortbread cookies in Orlando; the response has been unbelievable! Cookies continue to fly off the shelves and arrive in mailboxes across the country (WE'RE NATIONAL BABY!) to your friends and family. 


It's wonderful to welcome new customers to the mission of the product line and invest in the stories and successes of the culinary students today, tomorrow, and into the future.


Sweet Success

culinary students classroom instruction at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida
Speaking of the culinary students, in 2021, the Culinary Training Program at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida graduated 42 individuals. That is 42 people with new careers in Orlando, armed with the skills to thrive both in the kitchen and life. The program continued to be a launching point for graduates to dive in headfirst and build their businesses, taking the reins to create economic security for themselves and their families. 


You can watch the virtual graduation and hear from our guest speakers, including our CEO, Dave Krepcho, who had announced at the beginning of the year that he would be retiring from the food bank. Graduation is what we live for and why we continue to innovate, develop new products, and grow the product line to provide this crucial support to our culinary students.


Leaving a Legacy

Dave Krepcho the CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

Last but not least, we cannot close the year without acknowledging the work and vision of Dave Krepcho. Through seventeen years, Dave has led the food bank through two recessions, natural disasters and continued to find ways to reinvent how we serve and support our neighbors facing food insecurity. In 2018, Dave made a long-time vision into a reality with the start of A Spoon Full of Hope. The product line launched with classic Tomato Basil Soup and quickly added shortbread cookies and honey to the mix. His legacy will live on as A Spoon Full of Hope grows and expands to support Second Harvest Food Bank's Culinary Training Program in 2022 and beyond.
Because of Dave, over 400 members of our community are in new, thriving careers building achieving their dreams. We hope you enjoy a much-deserved retirement, Dave!

2021 was a year of transition after 2020 was the year of upheaval and change. Throughout it all, we thank you for loving our products and supporting the culinary students as they progress through their journey from the classroom to life. Here is to 2022 and all great things to come!

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